HomeSource – a growing technology firm that aggregates and delivers data for retailers and manufacturers in several industries – has announced they will be presenting at the upcoming NECO conference on Sunday, September 6 to be held at the Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut.

Company cofounder and CEO James White predicted the event would be a watershed moment for small and independent retailers who need affordable technology solutions. “Until recently, only big box stores have had the resources to put thousands of product numbers, spec sheets, manuals, and other pieces of information into a single database. We’ve gone even farther, and come up with a system that’s affordable for any size retail business.”

White is careful to point out that although his company’s data management system is tailored for businesses in the large-ticket retail space, it has also been applied to architects and design firms. “When you have access to accurate and consistent data in real-time, it gets easier to sell products, manage inventory, and find the documentation you need without digging through stacks of papers.”

While the platform continues to grow and improve, HomeSource has already shared many of its most impressive features, including:

  • Giving retailers the ability to instantly access up-to-date data from thousands of manufacturers.
  • On-demand delivery of product manuals, pricing sheets, rebate offers, new product notices, and even training videos.
  • Tools that allow users to print or email customized proposals, quotes, and spec sheets.
  • Automatic updates and versatile sharing features that make manufacturer data more accessible.

White adds that the best way for any business owner to understand the benefits of data aggregation in the cloud is to try it for themselves. “Again and again, customers have told us our technology is what they would have asked for if they would have even known it was possible. It’s something you really have to see to believe.”

Interested parties and members of the media are invited to attend the live HomeSource demonstration at 6 PM on Sunday, September 6. Further details and information can be found at

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