HomeSource – a growing Philadelphia-based technology firm – has partnered with ADC to offer a groundbreaking software platform for members. Called Centerspec, it combines real-time inventory information, instant access to sales and marketing data, customized quotes, in-store video displays, rebate information, and much more. Centerspec is available on a subscription basis through any computer or web-enabled device.

ADC Executive Director Ken Miele and President Mike Napoletano note they carefully selected HomeSource as a partner to deliver a fully integrated package for it members.

Ken Miele Executive director says: “Mike and I have always felt we needed to be in control of our business and provide our members with the tools needed to compete and succeed in the marketplace. This platform allows us to change as quickly as the market evolves, and to be fully in control of new development and enhancements in the future. We felt it was a priority to deliver a comprehensive software package that can be managed by the member or directly from our corporate office. “

HomeSource CEO James White stresses the partnership grew from ADC’s nationwide search for a product specifically designed for small and independent retailers who need affordable technology solutions.

“What we have designed is an end-to-end solution that’s affordable. Businesses of any size can sign up and get ecommerce, real-time inventory and manufacturer incentives, and even in-store video displays. They can even generate accurate and customized quotes on the spot. That’s everything they could possibly want to win more customers, all from a single screen.”

White adds that Centerspec isn’t just about sales, but also managing huge volumes of data seamlessly.

“According to surveys, more than 92% of buyers in the major home appliance category research products online. Until recently, only big box stores have had the resources to put thousands of product numbers, spec sheets, manuals, and other pieces of information into a system that retail locations could use. We’ve gone even farther and come up with a system that’s affordable for any size retail business.”

He also notes that retailers can view information on current specials or incentives, and even see future promotions before they go live. “It gives you every tool a national chain would have and then some, including advanced analytics, reporting, and store-management tools. Suddenly, the small retailer can compete one-on-one with Amazon, Best Buy, or Home Depot.”

ADC President Mike Napoletano says: “Our organization has been a leader in the digital arena. We recognized early the shift to digital and the ever-competitive nature of our marketplace. With a push of a button every member website can be updated with the most up-to date-information. Having a system this powerful allows ADC to put our members in the forefront of the digital age.

White is careful to point out that his company’s data management system is tailored for businesses in the large-ticket retail space, and especially for the kinds of appliance and furniture providers that join ADC. He says early case studies have shown independent retailers can grow online and in-store sales virtually overnight.

“When you have access to accurate and consistent data in real-time, it gets easier to sell products, manage inventory, and find the documentation you need without digging through stacks of papers. Imagine being able to see a customer and then give them a report that outlines everything they need to know, complete with your contact details. That’s the kind of end-to-end solution we set out to create.”

While the platform continues to grow and improve, HomeSource has already shared many of its most impressive features, including:

  • Giving retailers the ability to instantly access up-to-date data from thousands of manufacturers.
  • On-demand delivery of product manuals, pricing sheets, rebate offers, new product notices, and even training videos.
  • Tools that allow users to print or email customized proposals, quotes, and spec sheets.
  • Automatic updates and versatile sharing features that make manufacturer data more accessible.

White adds that the best way for any business owner to understand the benefits of data aggregation in the cloud is to try it for themselves. “Again and again, customers have told us our technology is what they would have asked for if they would have even known it was possible. It’s something you really have to see to believe.”

Interested parties and members of the media are invited to request a free customized HomeSource demonstration. Further details and information can be found at

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