HomeSource Solutions for Manufacturers

Today’s manufacturing landscape is more competitive than it’s ever been. Not only are businesses developing new products and improvements with lightning speed, but new startups and overseas producers are competing side-by-side with established brands.

In this environment, the smartest and most efficient manufacturers are the ones who come out ahead. That’s why we have developed a suite of products that help our customers to share information, market their products to retailers, and even explain benefits directly to the buying public. In the age of change, we let you move to the front of the pack instead of struggling to keep up.

Here are the most popular products from lineup of solutions for manufacturers, which is continually growing and improving:

Data Aggregation

Your company produces thousands of manuals, spec sheets, and marketing support pieces every year. Imagine giving your customers access to all of them in one place, with revisions updated in real-time and available to print or share at a moment’s notice with Centerspec.

App Development

Mobile computing has made it possible for manufacturers to give their representatives more information and flexibility than ever before. HomeSource can help you develop an app that includes specs, inventory, product demos, and so much more.

The HomeSource 365 Display

Use our Cloud technology and information-sharing platform to spread your marketing messages and product demos directly through screens and retail spaces. Update your videos in real time and see reports on timing and displays to maximize sales opportunities.

Web Design and Ecommerce

Looking to improve your web presence while integrating thousands of data points into one convenient location? Want to start offering products directly to consumers through your website? Our web design team can help you get the functionality you need on a budget.

Every HomeSource solution is designed to help you manage information, market more effectively, and put efficiency at your fingertips. To learn more about these specific products, or see how they work together to make your business more efficient, contact us today to schedule a live product demo and consultation!

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No matter what goals you set for your retailing business, HomeSource can help you reach them. Our data and marketing solutions work best in concert, and have to be seen to be believed. So, contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and product demo!